Where workplaces glorify the essence of power relations and
makes the survivor feels inferior, stigmatized and ashamed,
together we promote a place where we enshrine and stand for equality.

Our History

Our founder, Alvin, was working in one afternoon when he got a call from his best friend that she had been abused by her boss. Worse still, after reporting the incident to HR, she was asked to maintain her silence if she wanted to keep her job.

Months later, another friend of his went through the same experience. He then came to realize that there was a pattern; he found the process as traumatizing as the assault. The workplace can, in fact, a scary place for some people.

In December 2017, he introduced Never Okay. In unfriendly and unsupportive workplaces, the act of telling their stories have given these survivors great strength. Never Okay is aware that encouraging more workers to speak out is the first step to making greater changes.

We are committed to creating a safe space for young workers to boldly tell their stories. We are building a resource to help people tackle their issues proactively and constructively, and transforming the workplace into a better, healthier place for everyone.

Our Team


Alvin Nicola

Alvin Nicola


Imelda Riris

Imelda Riris

(Program Manager)

Alecia Firnanda

Alecia Firnanda

(Partnership Manager)



(Technology Manager)


Detriako Firman

(Graphic Designer)


Trinzi Mulamawitri

(Partnership Volunteer)


Fiana Dwiyanti

(Program Volunteer)

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