Impact Report December 2017 – Juny 2019

Report Never Okay Project

Dear all of our supporters,


To demonstrate our responsibility to the public, we hereby publish our first Impact Report, a compilation of our journey within the past 1.5 years that focuses on the analysis of the impact from our activities thus far.

We are committed to evaluate this project further, in order to discover the impact we manage to create for the beneficiaries, both for the survivors and for our respected institutional partners. Another aim is to figure out a better strategy, to be performed in the future.


Aside from the benefit as the benchmark for the internal team, we see that it is great if such accountability standard can be accomplished by a social organisation. Comprehensive and two-way communication is essential to review and generate the positive impact that relevant and spot-on for the public.


To date, ​numbers of collaboration has been achieved, with partner ranging from business coalition, corporations, NGO, and educational institutions. However, this is not enough. We acknowledge that the fight against sexual harassment in the workplace is not going to be easy at all, we believe in the value of partnership and inclusion of as many parties as possible.


Last but not least, we are tremendously happy with the support to Never Okay Project. We would like to appreciate each of you, who is willing to take your part in this mission. Hopefully, everyone and every institution will soon be able to show their commitment in creating a safe working space for all of us.


Never Okay Project’s Team

Impact Report 2017 Full Version Impact Report 2017 Short Version

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