Annual Report 2019

A lot of us might ask what is next after #MeToo, after survivors across the world stand up with their voices, risking everything in their life to say enough is enough. But by saying this question we fail to see the essence of our fight against harassment at work. Just like what Tarana Burke said during a TED Conference in January 2019, “Me Too is a movement, not a moment”. 2019 is not just another year, it is a year filled with achievement, and also backlashes against our movement. But most importantly, it is a year where once again we claim our place in this fight to create a world free of sexual violence.

The year 2019 teaches us that while it is very hard to come forward as a survivor of harassment at work, it is even harder to fight for justice in the courtroom. As long as we are living with a system that does not acknowledge how severe this issue is, a system that doesn’t take side with the survivor, our dream for a world free of harassment might as well just stay as a dream. Knowing that this movement is not an easy one, let’s collectively bring our best to make a real change in 2020 and many years ahead.

NOP Annual Report 2019

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