Athena with no Parthenons

I am a woman in my late 20s, and catching up for my career has been one hell of a disaster.

In this economy, one might say that the regular cycle is writing hundreds of cover letters only to found out all the replies are all about “we received your application”

So of course I don’t mind it one bit when a relative of mine offered me to work at his company, a very small company that only has 4 employees, and to this day, I still don’t know what my job title or my job descriptions. But okay, beggars can’t be choosey.

With my bachelor degree after my name, I came to work everyday, trying to get on to work at anything thrown at me, or even assign myself (and the company) targets, goals, tasks. I tried to be as handy as possible, I tried to really show them, that I can compensate for the lack of experience on my behalf by working hard.

I once thought of making a company profile since I learned (and experienced the repercussions myself) that the company lacks structure and my superior said; “No, we don’t do that thing out here”

This kept happening. I wanted to do more, and met with a brick wall of a response.

Did I mention that I was the only woman? I should’ve put that in the beginning.

As I keep meeting roadblocks, I left with little to no job. I slowly become an obsolete employee. And my boss thinks highly of my supervisor, so he began to ask “what are you doing for today?”
I swear I never hated a phrase more.

I felt invisible, unappreciated, and most importantly, useless.

With my bachelor degree, my two years experience in an organization, it’s so embarrassing that none of it were of good use.

For that company, I learned to use a designer software from scratch in three days, no mentor, no anything.

Since I began to realize that the only “missing” puzzle of this company is the marketing strategy, I uphold myself to fill that position. I believe I had something to give, I like designing, and Social Media is kinda my forte, so I did work on that solo.

Until one day I’ve had enough:

I came to work finding out that they outsourced a social media analyst (which conveniently consists of ALL GUYS) to “look up” on our marketing strategy.

Don’t get me wrong, I want the best for the company, but they didn’t even run it up on me that they’re trying to solve the marketing problem (that I was unaware of).

I will never forget the laughs they all shared in the meeting room, with no vagina to be found,

with me on the sideline.

Meanwhile when my friends asked me “What do you do in your company?” I would say that I handle their Social Media. Because I did!

These dirtbags can’t even press upload on the drafts of posts I planned, wrote, and designed!
If I didn’t actually wait enough time and upload them myself, they wouldn’t do it.

And my boss blamed me because it took too long for me to upload.

Long story short, after the no-vagina-in-meeting-room incident, I stopped giving effort.

And they found victory in calling me lazy, embarrassing, and unreliable.

At the end of it, they “terminated” me out of the office saying I should “work online”. No professionalism, or the good deed to legalize stuff on paper. Just the mere verbatim of, yeah you couldn’t go back.

I can’t help but think I could ended things on good terms, but, since they didn’t give me that, I feel that it’s unfair that I get to be the bigger GUY, and I know they wouldn’t even notice if I do.

So yeah I no longer work there, I learned nothing because they don’t respect me enough to actually mentor or guide me through their jobs, and I’m left with huge trauma thinking “is this what workplace really is?”

But I hope you all can learn how bad it can get when you run a company with no vaginas.

Note: I am a very private person and I dreaded having my identity to be associated with this story. But funny enough, I don’t worry that my coworkers happen to stumble upon this story, not in a million years, because that’s how misogynistic they are.


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