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Tech to Combat Sexual Harassment At Workplace

Why Never Okay

Sexual harassment at the workplace is one of the most challenging and dangerous problems to overcome because victims are often in exposed positions, afraid of destroying their careers or even losing their jobs if they dare to fight.

Never Okay Starting PointHistory

Our initiator, Alvin, was working one afternoon when he got a call from his best friend that she was harassed by her boss. Even worse, after she tried to report to the HRD, she was asked to maintain his attitude and normalize the situation if she did not want to be dismissed.

A few months later, Alvin found himself witnessing the incident itself. But at that time, he was confused and did not know where to start. Then he began to realize a recurring pattern: the process of reporting was as traumatic as sexual harassment itself. As a bystander, he then introduced the Never Okay Project in December 2017, as an anonymous platform for sharing stories that served as a safe space for survivors of sexual harassment at work.


Never Okay Project is the first mission-drive initiatives in indonesia to support community and institutions to create workplace without sexual harassment.


Public Conversation

Break the silence and raise public awareness by providing verifiable information.

Connecting the Dots

Listen, learn from and empower survivors and bystanders.

Promoting Integrity

Call upon participation from employers and the government to take real action in order to prove their commitment in combating sexual harassment in the workplace.

Sharing Stories Platform

Never Okay provide providing a safe space for
the survivors of sexual harassment in the workplace.
We believe, no matter how many people normalize it, sexual harassment in the workplace is never okay

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After Share Story, Then What?

If the storyteller willing to be followed up, we provide three option as needed:

Connecting to Legal Aid Team
Advocating the Trauma Healing Process
Strengthening the Labour Union in the Organization/Institutions