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World Situation on Sexual Harassment


10 from 11 Asean country already have a specific regulations about sexual harassment, except Indonesia (Women, Business & Law, World Bank, 2019)

1 %

From 80% Women have been sexually harrased at workplace, only 1% reporting it. (Better Work Indonesia, 2015)

$ 700 Juta

Employers have paid out more than $700 million to employees alleging harassment through the Commission, before the cases even went to court. (EEOC, 2016)


The Experience & Stories about Sexual Harassment

At Never Okay, We Provide Hope

Never Okay Project is the first mission-drive initiatives in indonesia to support community and institutions to create workplace without sexual harassment.

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Photo Journey

Video Journey

The struggle against sexual harassment at work not easy at all, because of that we believe in the importance of partnering and involve other parties as much as possible. We are happy to receive great support from you who are willing to join in for this common goal.

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