Vulgar and degrading women jokes is the norm in film industry

I work in film industry, as film crew, and my department I worked in consists so many male colleagues. Jokes about women are norms here, and on some occasion male crew touched me without my consents, as if I will be OK with that.

No, I’m not. I was so angry some senior crew even dare to touched my buttock, dug inside my pants, when I heard his death I was practically dancing.

But I was afraid to yell. I was afraid when I complain I wouldn’t get any job, since it’s a freelance job, and female crew were novelty at that times, and didn’t welcomed well, too. I even almost got thrown out from some film production just because some jerk harassed me (touched my breast while I was sleeping) and my boyfriend at that time hit him.

I’m a bit sad that none of my colleagues stood up for me. But now I don’t want to be afraid anymore. Maybe I couldn’t get job like I used to if I keep quiet, but sexual jokes is #NeverOkay

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