I survived without knowing how I did

I’m a college student, I took a chance of internship when I was 19 in this creative media startup company. This guy introduced me to that company and he was the one to interview me that time, now lets call him John Doe. Before I joined the company I already knew John for a year, and my relationship with him was a formal relationship, I think of him as my senior in my field of industry. He was around 30 at that time, he is very talkative and friendly, would help me with anything I need, up until now.

There comes the day where I was off duty, that morning I woke up to his text messages, with polite and kind words it was concluded that he actually meant that he wanted to exchange nudes with me. That time I knew nothing like this would happen to me so early at that age, I had no solution carried with me, he was online so I need to respond everything quickly. I respect John as if he is my mentor but that text just dragged my trust down on him, I tried to reply without lowering my respect towards him. I tried to stall time to think of the right respond that I wasn’t going to send him my nudes. I was asking him irrelevant questions hoping that we would eventually change to another topic but he is very good in communication, our conversation was led by him. I didn’t send him my nudes, but he was insisting that he would send his to me, without stalling time he did sent his nudes.

I was so shocked, I have never experience things near this before, I didnt opened it all, my first reaction to it was to delete every picture he sent while crying on my bed at 10am. We didnt talk since then.

Just this year, he apologised to me, specifically for that particular reason. His apology seemed genuine to me so I accepted it. I hope he learned that his intentions shouldnt be in his head in the first place. I didnt want any young woman to experience that, especially when they dont have back up plan for what if that happens to them.

This is the first time I talk about this to other than my best friends, I hope this story can be beneficial for people out there.

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